• Is your business keeping you awake at night?

    Achieve your goals and results up to 4 times faster without costing the earth!

  • Need to upskill yourself and your team but don’t have the time!

    Investing in education and training leads to a stronger culture, better performance and higher retention of staff.

  • Are there areas in your business that need help?

    Studies have found that if you have one area in your business that is inefficient it can create a drop in productivity by more than 40%.

  • Is your business keeping you awake at night?

  • Need to upskill yourself and your team but don’t have the time!

  • Are there areas in your business that need help?


Coaching all Areas of Business

Our Passionate Business Coaches Are Here To Help Your Business Grow. In short, Our Point Of Difference Is Our End To End Coaching Onsite Using A Tailored Approach To Your Business. 

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Business Owners know their business better than anyone else and yet even the best business minds in the world agree  we all need a coach! That’s where our Business Coaches come in.

It’s no surprise that Business Coaching is becoming more than a business offering. It is becoming a business staple and an integral part of business accountability, growth and performance. The Molokini team has more than 50 years of combined business knowledge! This knowledge covers all areas of business from Sales and Marketing through to Operations, Administration, People and Culture and Management. 

We understand that every business is different, and every owner has a unique set of skills and knowledge base. We have developed a suite of holistic business coaching and training programs, crafted to suit your business needs. 

We welcome you to contact us to see if our Molokini Business Coaches can assist you in achieving your ultimate goals.

Welcome to, Molokini Consulting

What We Do

Running a business can be very lonely and complex! We support you through the good, bad and ugly times that happen in business whilst maintaining a level of accountability. It’s like having someone looking out for your blind spot.

The most powerful tool in running any business is knowledge and training is the staple of every business diet. With a comprehensive range of Business Training Programs, you and your staff will prosper from Game Ready Training Courses.

As business owners you are not meant to know everything. Molokini Consulting provides a range of Professional Services to help you grow and become sustainable. We do this by implementing the best possible practices available in the market today.

Molokini Consultants are waiting to help

Helping Business Prosper

Business Coaching

Accountability is key to success; in business we often fall into our position of comfort or old habits and it is these actions that can have an effect on the performance of the business in many ways. The true purpose of a business coach is to help get the most from the business owner and their team. It is not the coach’s responsibility to do the work for you, simply because it will be done their way and not yours. This is a really bad habit that businesses and coaches alike fall into!

Molokini Business Coaches work closely with business owners to balance and grow the business to achieve the anticipated outcomes.

By working across all areas of the business journey map we are able to: improve all areas of the business, create a better culture, improve sales and achieve a more sustainable and profitable business.

In short, Molokini is an End to End Business Solution for your business, irrespective of the age, size and sector.

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Are you wanting to grow your business to the next level? If you do, our Growth Business Coaching is the package for you!


Molokini Office

Our Performance Business Coaching will help you build a winning culture, make your business a desirable place to work and develop the next generation of leadership from within your business.


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Our Evolve Business Coaching is designed for small businesses seeking accountability from our business coaches to help support you on your journey.

Training Programs

In addition to Business Coaching, we offer Training Programs to help your business with key focus areas. These training programs take place at our Head Office in our very own training studio.

The Training Programs consist of role playing and situational analysis to help you and your employees get the best result for your business. Our programs are ongoing and tickets can be purchased here! Alternatively, you can contact us here to book.

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