Do you know how important your business dashboard is to your operating your business and understanding your numbers? That is, if you have one. If you don’t have one set up, I recommend you consider it.

A dashboard in a small business is like having a map, compass and light on a dark bush trail. But I must say not knowing what the dashboard data means is like driving a car with no road sense. Molokini have been implementing scorecards in companies of all types and sizes years and when we discovered the software program Wink Reports it changed up the game, big time.

Now our clients have a quick reference point across their business at anytime and our coaches can check progress and identify issues in a fraction of the time, and that’s powerful. So getting the dashboards set up and linking it to your programs such as Avanser Call Tracking, Analytics and Adwords, Flat rate NOWServiceM8, Simpro, MYOB, XERO and much more, is great but the GOLD is sitting in the purpose of the reporting and what to do with it.

But the question is do you know what you are looking for in the data and more to the point how to utilise it in the business? Some say that business coaches are becoming extinct due to the growth in video training. But the truth is, if you are operating a business dashboard and you don’t have a coach or advisor then you are not maximising the potential of the dashboard. Your business is also missing out on valuable information that will project your business competitively into the future.

This is because data is key to any business’ success irrespective of size or industry. Numbers are everything and they don’t lie, trust me I have seen numbers transform many businesses by understanding market shifts with extraordinary results. If think you need help understanding your dashboard or would like to find out more on how coaching and dashboards can supercharge your business.

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