Driving your business with your Dashboard

You know how important your business dashboard is to operate your business, that is if you have one, and if you don’t, I recommend you consider it. A dashboard in a small business is like having a map, compass and light on a dark bush trail. But I must say, not knowing what the dashboard data means is like driving a car with no road sense. We are a big fan of business dashboards and whilst we recommend specific applications suited to a particular industry such as ServiceM8 (for field service industries), we believe others such as Wrike, Grow, Zoho Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics 365 are all great tools to give you an overview on how your business is performing. But the question is do you know what you are looking for in the data and more to the point how to utilise it in the business.


Some say that business coaches are becoming extinct due to the growth in video training. But the real truth is, if you are operating a business dashboard and you don’t have a coach or advisor then you are not maximising the potential of the dashboard and your business is missing out on valuable information that will project your business competitively into the future. Because data is key to any business’ success irrespective of size or industry. Numbers are everything and they don’t lie, trust me I have seen numbers transform a business by understanding market shifts with extraordinary results.