Guardians of the Galaxy – who owns your business Tip: accountability and responsibility

Who do you think owns your business? have you ever stopped to think about this, probably not, simply because it is not a normal concept. The real truth is a very real concept and is a way of building your business sustainably and profitably.

Have you seen the Movie Guardians Of The Galaxy, a great watch and I do recommend it? Whilst there are some similarities in the movie, what I am stating here is this;

The government has given you approval to trade as a business, you have set up the business and it is going well, but if you think you own it think again.

Yes, you have ultimate control and ultimate responsibility, and this can’t be forgotten, but if you think of your role as a Guardian of the business you start to think like you are only looking after it and developing it ready for the next generation of guardians (and this is normally your part of your succession plan).