You must be lucky!

So, you have gone into business, the first 12 months seems like it’s an awesome gig, you start to get some traction, finally! Your friends and family are looking at and think WOW YOU ARE SO LUCKY! And you think REALLY is that what it looks like from the outside.

Sound familiar. Well, don’t worry you are not alone. In fact, this is the most common comment made to small business owners, and funny enough they are normally made by those who have never been in business themselves. So, it is not surprising, because they only see what lies on the surface, and because you want to give the outside world a good impression to attract business, you don’t tell anyone about how hard it really is. But that is fine, you are not supposed to air your dirty laundry to your potential customers anyway.

Maybe, this comment of “being lucky” is something of a throwaway line anyway. I believe it is and has always been that way. We just have never taken the time to analyse why people say it, maybe it is surprise, jealously or possibly embarrassment, but one thing is for sure it is not targeted at you, you are just in the line of fire when it happens.

Roman Philosopher Seneca states, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”.

So, let’s make your acceptance of this comment that can so frustrate you, somewhat easier or in fact more enjoyable to respond, and it simply goes like this.

Next time someone says to you “Jeez, you’re lucky being in your own business”, all you need to reply with is “Yes it is great, it’s not easy but I prepared myself and the business for the journey ahead for all the opportunities that may arise”. See how your friends reply then, it would make for an interesting discussion.

So, if you operate your own business and you aren’t feeling lucky, then start preparing yourself, get planned and improve your processes, because opportunities are everywhere, you just need to be ready for them. And that my friends is LUCK.