Know enough to be dangerous

You would have heard this saying many times before, I use it a lot with clients, because I believe it sums up the level of knowledge all business owners should have to build a successful and sustainable business.

What does it really mean?


Get Real, Educate and Thrive.

Simply put, it is about knowing every part of your business processes, systems, marketing, top 20 clients etc, so if you lose critical players you are not left to fly the plane with no pilot. And crashing the plane is no option. When you know enough to control the plane and caretake a role, your business won’t suffer, or at least not as much.

I recently saw an example of this where, a dedicated manager grew the business and it operated so effectively that the owner decided to take time out to escape from the real issues of the business, not focus on growth and go away for days on end, etc and when the manager decided to move on, the business fell in a heap because the business owner had no systems or processes in place to engage with the customers and the customer couldn’t see value in the company as they had no relationship with the owner and went elsewhere. A sad story but true, and it can happen in an instant.

Invest in your business emotional and mental strength.

One of the most important messages I could ever express to clients on the importance is this idea!

Like most beings, and a business is no different if you don’t give it love and attention it soon enough drops you. So, think of your business as a living organism, step away, jump on the helicopter and look down on it from afar. What do you see?


HOW DOES IT FEEL? Does it feel surreal, guess what this is the best exercise you can do to see where the issues in the business really lie. See if you can identify them and take notes and share those notes with a trusted source, get some feedback.

Now, go to work, learn about the issues, identify them, discuss them and then solve them.

So now is the time to invest and learn enough to make sure you are not getting blind-sided by staff or external agencies. This time and learning investment will put digits on your nett profit, trust me.

Employ with your knowledge

Now you have invested in the blood flow of the business you will, by default be able to recruit with confidence and have vested conversations with the right applicants and your decisions on selecting the right applicant will be a simple process. Unless you get all A graders, but that is a great problem to have.

Fly the helicopter regularly

Take a ride in the chopper once is not enough, first time will WOW you and doing it regularly you will zoom in to more things in greater detail and be refreshed by what you see. Focus on what is working well and tweak and repeat, look at what is not working and tune, trim or trash and be ruthless, no time for emotional baggage on the helicopter it slows you down.

So now you should understand knowing enough to be dangerous and using it to your benefit will serve you well.

Good luck have fun and stay true to your values.