Do I need a coach or an advisor?

A question asked regularly and in short, everyone needs a leader but not every business owner needs a coach or advisor. So, let’s explore this statement. The world is a tough place to live, running a business on this planet is even tougher, going it alone is almost suicide. That’s where “No one can be an Island”, we created this tag line to help get the message through that you can only so much by yourself, yet you can change the world with many.

When you run a business, you are faced with challenges every single day and these challenges don’t go home at 5pm nor they start at 9am, they start anytime they like, and they only finish when you tell them too. This is my point; challenges pop up at any time and they only stop when you deal with them and dealing with them by yourself may not always get you the right result. A leader, mentor, coach or trusted advisor, it doesn’t matter what you wish to call them can be the bet sounding board you will ever have in your business.

All successful entrepreneurs and businesses have a coach or mentor. Why, so they can get a perspective on how to drive a strong business forward into the future.

Mentor V Coach

Mentor is someone that can listen and support you emotionally when needed and a coach will dive into your business and establish your goals and vision and then work with you to guide to achieving them. Most importantly the role of a coach is to bring perspective to your business and more often than not we find we are slowing the business down so we can take a snapshot and put a stake in the ground so we can move forward. This is not the role of a mentor.

A good coach will also;

⁃ Provide a clearer focus
⁃ Help them function as a team
⁃ Look at all aspects of the business
⁃ Ask the right questions at the right time and can shine a light on the business

Why do professional sports people need a coach?

The answer is simple, so they can have someone critique and guide them to gaining that extra edge, even if it is by 1% that shift can be the difference between winning and coming last. As famous F1 Driver Mikka Hakkinen once said no one remembers who comes second! That extra 1% can be the difference.

When should you get a coach?

Not everyone is ready for a coach, but from our survey of our clients over the past few years has shown that more than 85% started coaching because of a life changing event, both mentally, emotionally or financially. Why is this the case, because at some point you question yourself, why am I doing this, and this is brought on by realising that both time and money is related and you are about to experience a change that will require either more time or more money or both. That said you will know deep down when you need to have someone in your corner. Trust me I see it a lot.

Checkout this YouTube video to gain additional insights into why you need a coach:
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